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All the way home textiles Limited was founded in 2004 March, the company registered capital of 11024700 U.S. dollars, by the Group Corporation and Japan sun sleep with Limited jointly funded the establishment of. The company is located in Qingdao city industrial area, mainly engaged in high profile home textile production, the main varieties of quilt, pillowcases, quilt handmade ticking, quilting, quilting mattress, quilt, cushion, children seven piece set, plush and other. The company covers an area of 107319 square meters, a total construction area of 28844.12 square meters, with total assets of 580000000 yuan, of which 55600000 yuan in fixed assets; the company's existing staff of more than 2500 people, including technical staff of 180 people. In 2010 the company " Shandai " card quilt was rated as brand-name products in Qingdao, technology center was named "Qingdao innovation enterprise ", 2011 " Shandai " was rated as a well-known trademark in China, technology center as a group ( Textile ) R & D platform, was named " Qingdao city foreign trade public service platform ".

The company and the Asian top retailers in close cooperation, the products are exported to overseas, has been favored by consumers. All the way home textiles Limited is China's exports to Japan to sleep with goods and LIVING products company, its business scale in the domestic same industry come out in front.

All the way home textiles limited current competitive advantage lies in providing low cost high quality functional products and stable supply capacity. Companies adhere to innovation and profit model, paying special attention to the new product research and development and industry information service platform construction, the annual investment in R & D funds of up to about 20000000 yuan, the strength of research and development, in 2010 the company R & D center was named the Qingdao technology center. Companies in product design and development at the same time, also pay high attention to product quality, adhere to the quality of survival, to the credibility of development, and actively participate in international market competition, and constantly improve the quality assurance system, implement and adopted the ISO9001 quality, environment, occupation health safety management system certification in three, for the company's long-term development a solid foundation. In the R & D personnel construction, absorb foreign advanced R & D personnel, establishment of Transnational R & D design team, to further meet the needs of customers, the company set up a design by a professional staff and fiber professional R & D team, and constantly to provide customers with excellent design and material, and is committed to build on the customer's overall design ability. Its stable product supply ability formation mainly from two aspects: first, in the rich labor resources regions established 17 wholly-owned factories directly, hire Japan continued the expert guidance and implementation of lean production; two, 2003 in Japan acquired Matsuzaka house 's three cotton commercial ( strain) Company in Nagoya, the successful completion of a factory in China to Japanese supermarket supply directly to logistics system, greatly reduce the customer's logistics costs in japan.

All the way home next goal: to strengthen their quality advantages, cost advantages and scale advantages, through the Tokyo in the company to absorb Japan planning design talent, insight into the Japanese consumer demand, study target customer competition situation, formulate targeted marketable goods proposal, then in the sample preparation and proposal for China simulation of customer shopping malls display, indicating the customer's sales price and the supply price, will then textile research and development building into endless special exhibitions, so that customers do not have to run around here and there, in the land that one station can be purchased for low cost, and can be best products.

The company spirit of "customer first, reside an " principle, adhere to the " create value for customers to their own success " of the faith, look domestic and international two big markets, continue to move to the modern enterprise, and strive to become the Yangtze River north of the largest home textile manufacturer.

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